Protect your property.

Property protecting

The property is the most valuable belongings one will ever own; so you need to maintain it to stop the value decreasing. There should be a short and long term maintenance program. we would advise our clients to act on these plans as shortly as possible.

Tremco specialises in assisting commercial and domestic property owners with a five and ten-year roof and wall maintenance plan.

Zinc, tile and concrete roofs will include the repair, waterproofing and painting with a renewable guarantee after 5 years. Tremco will do the necessary maintenance after the present 5-year guarantee expire and extend with a further five years.

Waterproofed and Painted

By simply painting over any areas of damp, causes further issues as a result of the constant provider of moisture is then diverted to different areas.

Tremco has identified and specialises in treating the issue, prior to waterproofing. We also do the installation of verge covers, barge-, fascia boards and gutters. when buying a property, Tremco offers a specialised inspection of the roofs and walls with an in-depth maintenance report. Tremco work in conjunction with a structural engineer ought to a structural certificate may be needed.

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