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Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Contractors in South Africa

Regardless of which province you live in, in South Africa, one fact remains the same… the roofing contractor you choose is of vital importance. SA is known for its varied climates and while the nation is revered for its weather patterns, the varied temperatures can wreak havoc on structures in the country. In SA, it’s normal to see snow in one area and rain in another, as well as humidity, dryness and so on. As such, it’s important that the roof you choose is able to withstand the exposure to many climatic changes. Come rain or shine, your roof needs to save the day (and the contents of your home)!

Keeping your roof in shape is up to the roofing contractors that you choose. In fact, they will need to install the right roof for the job, and the right roof is one that can be exposed to the elements without the risk of it developing leaks, loose tiles and weaknesses.

Unfortunately, most homeowners only start looking for a reliable roofing contracting when it’s too late. Either the roof has caved in or some sort of damage has been sustained. Don’t wait for the storm to come along to see if your roof can weather it. If your home or building’s roof is damaged or in disrepair, it’s important to repair or replace it before it becomes a much bigger and more costly job than it has to be. A poorly constructed roof will buckle, leak and more. You might even lose tiles completely in heavy winds. And nobody wants that.
If choosing between the various roofing contractors in South Africa is a challenging and stressful task, we’ve put together a few tips that might help you with your decision making. Here are some tips fresh from our team.

Roofing contractors must be licensed and authorised in the industry

Only certified roofing contractors will be able to provide roofing supplies and services that meet industry-imposed standards. You also won’t have to waste any of your personal time supervising the task. Professional contractors have their own supervisors who are experts in the field. Unlicensed roofing contractors will also probably be unable to ensure against any mishaps or property damage during the process.

Listen to what others have to say

Gathering references and testimonials is vitally important. You will find that leading contractors have testimonials on their website, but sometimes it also helps to go and see their handy work. Check out the roofing contractor’s past projects if you can, and ascertain if you like the end product or not.

Keep it local

Finding a roofing contractor in South Africa that is actually based in your area can help you to avoid a whole host of potential problems. Their suppliers will be close at hand, you won’t have to cater to potential travel and accommodation costs, and after the fact, if any problems arise with the quality of their workmanship, they will be close enough for you to take action.

Never be seduced by price

It’s always tempting to choose a roofing contractor according to their service fee, as well as the cost of their roofing supplies, but don’t be. Make sure that you choose a contractor on their skills and expertise in the field. Of course, you have a budget, so make sure that you don’t exceed that, but don’t jump at the cheapest possible quote before getting more information on what it includes and if they’re any good.

Ascertain the quality of their roofing supplies

Roofing contractors might give you a quote including the materials needed, but that doesn’t give you a true indication of quality if you aren’t sure which brands of products are being used. If you want to know that your roofing contractor is using quality supplies that are durable and won’t let you down, ask them to use roofing supplies and materials from their nearest Marley Roofing branch.

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