Paint, waterproof my home’s roof.

Who will paint and waterproof my roof?

All roofing systems need regular maintenance and there’s no exception to any roofs. Review by a certified roofing contractor and routine maintenance can keep your home leak-free and in optimum condition.

Since each system has its own strengths and weaknesses it is critical that your property is correctly assessed by one of our professionals to provide the best waterproofing solution to suit your structure.

Three key factors to consider prior to appointing a contractor is preparation, application, and products.



Waterproof prevents leaks and painting protect your roof.  Tile roofs are made from cement and can be hotbeds for algae. They need to be washed to remove all fungus and treated with a suitable bonding liquid. If preparation is not done correctly it will cause future paint peeling.


Zinc Roof painting is not a luxury but a necessity. The galvanized or chromadeck wears over time and this will leave the metal exposed to rust. The rust needs to be removed from the zinc and treated with correct chemicals and primer prior to painting.  


Make sure what maintenance is required prior to applying waterproofing as there are different materials and application methods. There are two painting methods: a spray on and brush on method. The brush on is better value for money applied by trained professional painters. This method can cause leaks should it not be done correctly.


Products are the most important factor for a successful roof repair. Most painting companies only guarantee their labor and not the product. It is crucial to have a product and workmanship/labor guarantee

Good luck with your home improvement project!

Remember that a leak-free roof is the most valuable part of any property.