Waterproofing Centurion – experts in solving problems with leaking roofs

Waterproofing Centurion specializes in waterproofing, sealing of roofs, painting, maintenance and repairs of all types of roofs:
  • zinc roofs
  • tile roofs
  • flat roofs
  • concrete roofs
  • Harvey
  • metal
Our company is not only experts in solving problems with waterproofing of leaking roofs, but can also solve damping problems on your balconies and in your showers. Please remember that maintenance of roofs are very important and that regular inspection of the roof for painting or sealing that needs to be done or early detection of leaks are very important. It can save you a lot of money, as negligence in this area could cause you to realize that the roof is leaking during a heavy rain storm, causing damage to your roof, sagging of the roof or in some cases a total collapse of the roof. It would cost a lot more if a complete roof replacement is needed and also remember that undetected leaks in the roof also slowly causes the structure of the roof to deteriorate, as the wood might start to rot or the ceilings get damaged over time. It is also needed for an expert on waterproofing to paint your interior and exterior walls, doing the correct preparation of the walls and using the correct type of paint and seal it properly so that moist cannot seep in. We have been in the industry for over 30 years with an excellent track and service record. Please click on our individual links to give you detailed information on what we do.

Waterproofing Company in Centurion specializing in repairing and painting of all types of leaking roofs

Waterproofing Centurion is an extremely respectable company with an excellent track record and client referrals and specializes in the reparation, waterproof and painting of all roofs. We not only bring high-grade quality in material and skill to your roof, but also thirty years experience.

Waterproofing Centurion strives to build long time relationships with our customers. We do not believe in short term solutions cause we do it right the first time. A consultant will always give you the best realistic advice in repair, replacement and waterproofing of all tile-, zinc-, concrete or slate roofs.

Waterproofing Centurion offers a five-year guarantee on all work done which includes labour and material, no questions asked. The extendable guarantee becomes available after the five-year period has expired. The maintenance will be part of a procedure where we apply a protection layer of liquid flexi bond on existent waterproofing material and the re-coating of waterproofing.

Waterproofing and painting

The client will be re-issued with a five-year guarantee after this process has been completed. This is an ongoing procedure where a client does the maintenance every 5 years. Waterproofing Centurion also recommends that once you have done your upkeep/roof reparation on your roof that you bring this under the attention of your insurer.

Waterproofing Centurion sends seasonal newsletters to our customers to remind them of the renewable maintenance of guarantees, as well as the latest trends in the industry. We offer a seasonal reparations where we clean gutters and do general repairs.

Waterproofing Centurion 100% trustworthy

Waterproofing Centurion is 100% trustworthy. Guarantees are offered on our work and please read all our client reviews, which speak for itself.


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