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Tile roof maintenance

Tile roof maintenance

Maintaining a roof is often last on the list when it comes to property maintenance and is only attended to when there are signs of leaks on the ceiling, by which time it is too late. At Tremco we recommend maintenance every 5-7 years on the most common leaking areas which include ridges, hips, flashings, broken tiles, and valleys. Inspection on your roof must be an ongoing process, to avoid costly roof repairs later.
Ridges and hips:
Over time the cement which holds the ridges and hips in place begins to crack or break. Tremco first inspects to see if it is possible to replace loose or cracked cement. If so, the cement is replaced and a bonding liquid is applied, which reinforces the cement. Once dry Tremco will seal the joints with a polyester membrane mixed with an Eco plasticryl. This process will protect the cement on your ridges and hips from the elements (rain, sun, wind, hail) and will ensure the longevity of your roof.
A Flashing refers to thin pieces of impervious material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint or as part of a weather resistant barrier. Tremco uses the same approach used for ridges and hips to seal your flashings. We will remove existing waterproofing or material before applying our polyester membrane and Eco plasticryl.
One of the most common areas for a leak to occur on the roof is through the valley. A valley is usually reinforced differently to the rest of the roof, because during periods of heavy rain the rain runs down the roof and into the valley. If the valley is then blocked by leaves, twigs or dirt, then water cannot run through the reinforced area and causes damages to the parts of the roof that don’t have the same reinforcement, thus causing damage to the structure of your roof and ceilings.
Tremco uses a unique approach to solve this problem. We first replace the broken tiles adjacent to the valley, then use an angle grinder to cut a bigger gap in the valley to allow less blockage and better water flow. After the valley has been cut, Tremco seals the valley with the same system mentioned above except with a different approach. Tremco seals from the tile to the flashing plate, back to the opposite tile. This technique ensures that no blockage can occur, and no damage can be caused to the membrane.
Once maintenance has been completed on your roof, it is good practice to paint your roof. Without a high-quality paint, your roof remains vulnerable to a build-up of moss and algae, as well as the water damage they provoke. This usually happens a decade or so into the life span of the roof. 
Tremco gives a 5-year guarantee on our work. A client can extend the guarantee for another 5 years on the 5-year mark after maintenance has been completed by us on our existing work.